Fugue State
A fugue is a musical composition in which one or two themes are repeated or imitated by successively entering voices and contrapuntally developed in a continuous interweaving of the voice parts.
A fugue state is when one temporarily loses their sense of personal identity, often wander away from home and become confused about who they are and might even create new identities. Upon returning they have no recollection of the fugue state.

I am inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence, All Oppression is Connected by Stacyann Chin, the recent equality victories and racially motivated domestic terrorism, and my own personal experiences being in an interracial marriage, to be an advocate for change. I am motivated to use my straight white male privilege to further love and equality through the use of my talents with analog and digital collage.

Stacyann Chin reminds us in All Oppression is Connected that in the struggle for equal rights, each victory is a small stepping stone and the war is far from being won and showing how we as a society have allowed these connections to thrive. I believe the lack of social education and empathy by the majority for those in the minority to be the reasons that discredit the idea of intersectionality and undermine the complexity of individuals’ lives thus turning minorities into disposable objects. I need to confront my privilege and use it to create a better community and person oriented society. We all need to acknowledge that these institutions must be changed and through change comes progress.
Fugue State represents a personal transition of awareness from internalizing my fears and frustrations to externalizing my disdain and embarrassment for what passes as honor and justice. It is an evidential paper trail of personal growth still incomplete and selfish. There is a calling in me to use my creativity and my privilege to become an ally to those oppressed by the majority and the system. My challenge is to educate myself to become an effective socio-political artist, to break out of being an under-informed, self-congratulating pseudo-intellectual and to wake up and cease reoccurring patterns of hate.