Shipwrecked Studios in the Dow Building open for the 2017 St Paul Art Crawl

New Glitch Art, Photography, and Collage at the St. Paul Art Crawl

This weekend is the 2017 Spring Saint Paul Art Crawl and my work will be on display and for sale at the Dow Building. I will be in Shipwrecked Studio (Studio B4) along with painter Erik Pearson. I’ve been working long hours this last year making new digital glitch photographs, digital drawings, and collages on paper. There are over 60 new pieces and my older work will have great price reductions!

The Old Smugglers and 8 other groups will also be performing so prepare yourself for 3 days packed full of art, music, and fun!


2017 Spring St Paul Art Crawl
2017 Spring St Paul Art Crawl at the Dow Building, 2242 University Ave W

7-8pm Strummer Cash
8-9pm Treble
9-10pm The Tire Fires
10-11pm The Old Smugglers

4-5pm Philippe Gallandat
5-6pm Gary Johnson
6-7pm Mary Elizabeth Wachs
7-8pm Treble
8-9pm Strummer Cash
9-10pm The Old Smugglers

2-3pm The Telltale Signs
3-4pm Rebecca Hass

Dow Building
2242 University Ave W
Saint Paul, MN 55114

Saint Paul Art Crawl
Friday, April 28, 6-10pm
Saturday, April 29, 12-8pm
Sunday, April 30, 12-5pm

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